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PCB substrate shipments are sluggish in Q2, copper foil suppliers' quotations and foundry fees

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Affected by the sluggish demand in the overall terminal market, the adjustment of Android mobile phone inventory, the suspension of the purchase of old models of Apple mobile phones, and the unfavorable factors such as the purchase of new models has not yet started, the operating performance of printed circuit board factories in the second quarter will generally be unsatisfactory. The demand from upstream copper foil substrate suppliers is also relatively sluggish.

Last year, the price of copper foil substrate (CCL) rose by 30%, and in February this year, it rose by 10%, which led to a sharp rise in the profits of PCB copper foil suppliers.

The utilization rate of suppliers is fully loaded. Since February, the international copper price has gradually declined, resulting in copper foil quotations and foundry fees that have risen for nearly a year. It is expected to loosen in June, which will help downstream foil substrate and printed circuit board factories to reduce costs.

However, due to the expansion of applications such as smartphones, automotive electronics, data centers, servers, and base stations, the second half of the year will welcome the launch of the Apple 8, and the IC substrate market may become popular again.