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Company Introduction

Lituoxin Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1992, Lituoxin (LTX) focuses on semiconductor distribution and authorized agency. Our main distribution brands including ADI, TI, MICROCHIP, NXP, ON, ST, INTEL,TOSHIBA and so on. We are also authorized distributor for HTC, UTC, Runic Technology, Huatech Semiconductor,Sinomags and so on. Headquartered in Beijing. we have branches in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Nanjing and Wenzhou; Overseas offices in South Korea and Singapore; Meanwhile we are speeding up the expansion of sales networks around the world.

Lituoxin Founded in 1992


end customers more than 1000


4 branch,2 overseas offices


Spot up to 5000 more models

Become China's Leading Electronic Components Distributor

One-stop Reliable Solutions For Electronics Components Procurements.

  • Shortage Parts Sourcing

    Through cooperating with a large number of qualified suppliers,our global sourcing experts find shortage and End-of-Life parts to solve your production problem and extend the life cycle of your equipments.

  • Quality Control

    Our experienced quality inspectors and engineers provide the industry's most robust counterfeit avoidance and detection protocols, providing our customers with unmatched supply chain security.

  • Cost Down

    We integrate and innovate supply chain of electronic components, to boost your profit and reduce your inventory cost.

  • Obsolescence Management

    We reduce or eliminate the financial impact of excess stocks and recover your capital from material loss.

Quality Control

Equipped with experienced R&D teams, we provide customers with strong technical support. And we also pr ovide ODM value-added services. At present, the team has accumulated plentiful experiences in Telecommunication, Radio Frequency, Audio and Video, Analog Sampling and Signal Processing.
  • Packaging Inspection

    Packaging Inspection

  • File check

    File check

  • Label check

    Label check

  • Visual Inspection

    Visual Inspection

  • Measurement


  • Functional tests

    Functional tests

  • Image Archiving

    Image Archiving

  • Quality inspection completed

    Quality inspection completed



Contact Information

  • Beijing Branch
  • Shenzhen Headquarter
  • Singapore Branch
  • Hong Kong Branch
Beijing Branch

Beijing Branch

Unit 803 Culture and Art Mansion, Zhongguancun Street,Haidian District, Beijing


Shenzhen Headquarter

Shenzhen Headquarter

21E Hangdu Building, Huafu Road, Futian District, henzhen


Singapore Branch

Singapore Branch

19 Burn Road, #07-03B, Advance Building, Singapore 369974


Hong KongBranch

Hong Kong Branch

Address:Flat B 10/F Tower 5 La Grove, 83 Shap Pat Heung Road, Yuen Long, NT, Hong Kong

South Korea
Southeast Asia
Branch Business Distribution