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Recruitment email

  • Spot Sales
    Shenzhen trick 3

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. market research and market price analysis, promotion of the company's spot inventory.

    2. establish communication channels with customers through telephone and QQ, use the company platform to distribute electronic components products and complete sales tasks.    

    3. Handling inquiry, controlling quotation, tracking customer demand, and striving for maximum profit orders.

    4. responsible for order follow-up, reconciliation, payment collection, etc..    

    5. Lead warehouse inventory, grasp the company's inventory status in real time, timely marketing of backlog inventory to relieve the company's inventory pressure.

    6. Complete the work tasks assigned by the leadership.

    what we expect from you:

     1. skilled use of Huaqiang network, IC trading network spot promotion skills, with good communication skills.    

    2. familiar with electronic components, can quickly identify the model, specification, package, brand.      
    3. accept the company's management philosophy and the company's corporate culture.

    4. Understand the industry customers and market demand, have certain market analysis and judgment ability, sensitive to market information and customer demand, and have good customer service consciousness.

    5.More than one year of IC sales experience.

  • Overseas Salesman
    Shenzhen College degree or above trick 1

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Rely on the company's strong database system and professional global procurement team and technical team to solve the various urgent electronic component needs of customer production, recommend solutions to reduce customer procurement costs, and help customers deal with excess inventory.

    2.Coordinate the company's internal resources, handle customer inquiries, quotations, orders, deliveries and payments, and complete sales tasks.

    3. To do a good job in customer service and help customers to do a good market analysis.

    4. promote the company's products, develop new markets, develop new customers and maintain existing customers.

    5. properly keep the customer's information, file in an organized manner, and make good internal management of customers.

    6. Organize and statistical sales data, and report to the leadership regularly.

    what we expect from you:

     1.College degree or above, marketing, trade, electronics, foreign language related majors preferred, familiar with electronic components related market work experience is preferred.

    2.Fluent in English, listening, reading and writing, with greater expectation of their own income and future, confident of obtaining high performance and high income through their own ability.

    3. Good personal image, outgoing personality, quick thinking, responsible with good communication skills and positive team spirit.

    4. we encourage excellent talents (including excellent fresh graduates) who are willing to develop in the electronics industry for a long time to participate in the interview.

    5. Experience in the same industry is preferred.